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Treat yourself to something extra with our selection of special edition meads.

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Wood Aged

There is no bottle like this

An exceptional alcohol with a touch of port wine and oak wood that makes it just sweet enough.

The aged special is made without additional honey treatment, heightening your drinking experience.

A pure combination of water, honey, and wine yeast to suit all tastes.

With the lightness and individuality of white wine, Wood Aged is suitable for both special occasions and ordinary afternoons alike.

Medovina speciál Wood Aged


MLS of the Pardubice Region 2019 



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archivní medovina 15 let



15-year archive

A special from a barrel of Barrique wine

The 15-year-old mead has a drier rounded taste and a pleasant aroma typical of a barrique barrel.

The full taste of matured dessert mead is sealed with beeswax in a beautiful 3.3 dcl bottle.

An uplifting and sophisticated taste, this special will keep you coming back for more.

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10-year archive

Fully matured Old Bohemian

Ten years ago, we closed one of our most successful meads in an oak barrel. Today we offer you a unique taste experience, in which herbs and spices are combined to create a specifically delicate and sweet taste.

​This special is known as a premium liquid dessert with its rich and full flavours.

archivní medovina 10 let



Mudu, yuzu, medovina



A new and refreshing citrus taste

You already know lemon and pomelo.


This summer belongs to yuzu with honey. Mudu!

Try this summer blend and discover your new favourite drink. 

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